Our Staff

Our current Support Staff includes Shannon Bueter, Robbie Chalk, who has served in the church office for 28 years, Stephanie Codara, Gabriela Moreno, and Sue Yarbrough. Jaton Kasprzyk, and Cheri Majors serve in our Children’s Ministry. Jimmy Chalk, church treasurer, devotes several hours to taking care of the financial needs here at Saturn Road.

Our Maintenance team consists of Custodial Supervisor, Clark Welch; and Custodial Assistants, Justin Jones, Ron Guess, Ray Padilla, Dora Ramírez Tom Streetman, and Stephanie Sturgess.

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Shannon Bueter

Administrative Assistant to Children’s and Youth Ministries

Robbie Chalk

Administrative Assistant for Financials

Stephanie Codara

Administrative Assistant for Communications/Counseling

Ron Guess

Assistant to Facilities Supervisor

Justin Jones

Assistant to Facilities

Jaton Kasprzyk

Administrative Assistant for Children’s Ministry

Cheri Majors

Administrative Assistant for Children’s Ministry

Gabriela Moreno

Administrative Assistant to
the Hispanic Ministry

Christie Moses

Preschool Director

Ray Padilla

Assistant to Facilities Supervisor

Kerri Persaile

KidCare Coordinator

Dora Ramirez

Assistant to Facilities Supervisor

Wayne Roberts

Facilities Supervisor

Assistant to Facilities

Clark Welch

Custodial Supervisor

Sue Yarbrough

Administrative Assistant for Membership and Adult Education