Our History

Saturn Road Church of Christ has a rich fifty-nine year heritage. We also believe our future is as bright as the promises of God.


Saturn Road Church of Christ had its beginning when a decision was made by the Garland Church of Christ, located at Eighth Avenue and Austin Street, to start a new congregation in Garland.

In 1954, five acres of land at Saturn Road and Kingsley were purchased from M.C. Cole. Earnest Owens, an elder at the Eighth Avenue and Austin Street congregation, built the first building.

The first service was conducted in the summer of 1956 with over 250 in attendance. Following are charter members of the Saturn Road congregation who presently attend here:

Dorothy Burchett, Jeni Carroll, Ona Newell, Hazel Cooper Dot Poole, Mozelle Divin, Jean Smithey, Ray and Jean Dunavant, Dennis and Norma Wilhite, and Joyce Young


In 1957, additional classrooms were added, and in 1959 plans for constructing a new auditorium were started. This building was finished in 1960 and was used until our new auditorium was completed in March, 1993.

As the church grew, additional space was needed. In January of 1977, the Safeway building adjacent to the church property was purchased for the purpose of adding more classrooms and a family center. On April 23, 1978, this facility was first used.

In 1985, a Facilities Growth Task Force was established and charged to study, plan and recommend facilities including a 1200 seat auditorium expandable to 1500, classrooms, and renovation of the existing Family Center (old Safeway building). Over $750,000 was raised, debts were paid off, funds secured and all ministries continued. After many obstacles, fears, prayers, and tears, we now occupy an “effective tool” for the Lord to reach out to our community.

The Lord has blessed His family at Saturn Road through that transition period with continued growth each year. To accommodate this growth, the second building expansion phase was completed in February, 2000. The 22,000 square foot addition provided much needed classrooms which include a new Children’s Resource Library and Teen Center. The $1,100,000 expansion was funded with a Capital Campaign where members pledged $1,287,000. Remaining funds were used to acquire adjacent houses for future parking lot expansion. By 2000, all of the houses on Gary Drive between Saturn Road and Daniel Street had been purchased. They were razed to make room for an additional 125 parking spaces. The parking lot expansion was paid for with a smaller capital campaign, “A Drive to Park” that raised $427,268. In 2003 two modular buildings were purchased that gained five large classrooms.

On April 3, 2005, our “Rich Heritage . . . Bright Future” Capital Campaign was launched. Phase 1, with a goal of $380,000, was for repair and maintenance of the current facility. The Phase 1 goal was exceeded by $261,033, which was applied toward the pending Phase 2 capital campaign which will fund major new construction for expansion of the facility and parking.


The Saturn Road church is very active in mission work, having supported missionaries on every continent. The congregation has also been responsible for providing the financial support for seven student preacher families.


These are the men who have previously served as elders of this congregation:

John Allen David Davy Ernest “Bubba” Hawkins Kim Richmond
Foy Boone Von Day Gary Hill Ken Robb
Ken Bonham Richard Dickson Larry Hooper Jim Stafford
Bob Brennen Leon Doughtry Barry Jacobs H.F. Stephens
Joe Brown Rick England Larry Killian Jack Steward
Delmar Burnam Carl Foster Robert McCollum Larrell Shutt
Charles Carroll Gene Griffin Bill Nix Raymond Sweeney
James Cawyer Don Goodwin R.D. Odum * Tommy Wade
Bill Cox Hugh Hale Frank Pierce * Bill Williams
Sam Davis Charles Hanson Rob Pine

* R. D. Odom and Frank Pierce served as the first two elders in 1956.

Click here for a current listing of our SRCC shepherds.

These men have served as past evangelists for the Saturn Road congregation:

Mac LeFan, Preston Cotham, Ron Thrift, Gary Hundley, Jack Hardcastle, Dan Billingsly, Jerry McCaghren, Don Kleppe and John Scott


The Saturn Road Church is comprised of 690 family units with over 2,000 souls. This church family is under the oversight of our shepherds.

Jeff Payne serves as our Senior Minister.  Adam Herndon and Daniel Roberts are our Youth Ministers. They are currently serving over 250 youth. Trey Laminack and Stacey Losher serve as our Children’s Ministers, and Erin Benson serves as our T/TH Preschool Director.  In April of 2001, our shepherds initiated a new counseling ministry at Saturn Road, and we are served by two counselors: Dr. Lee Paul and Heather Resneder.    For more information on our ministers, click here.

Our current Support Staff includes Shannon Bueter, Robbie Chalk, who has served in the church office for 28 years, Stephanie Codara, Denise Friend, Paloma Garcia, and Sue Yarbrough.  Jaton Kasprzyk and Cheri Majors serve in our Children’s Ministry. Jimmy Chalk, church treasurer, devotes several hours to taking care of the financial needs here at Saturn Road.  For more information on our staff, click here.

Our Maintenance team consists of Clark Welch, Tom Streetman, Justin Jones, Ramiro Fuentes, Ray Padilla, and Dora Ramírez.

About 100 areas of ministry, operating under the direction of deacons and other ministry leaders, serve the church family and carry out the work of the Lord. These ministries range in scope from benevolence to missions, from recovery groups to World Bible School, from Bible classes for infants through adults to our community preschool and elementary reading programs and outreach to the Hispanic population.