Charles Hanson

Charles and his wife, Ann, have been members at Saturn Road since 2002.  They were married in 1969, shortly after Charles graduated from Louisiana Tech University.  They have two children, Eric Hanson and Meredith Browning, and three grandchildren.  Charles received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Georgetown University, and he has spent his career developing thermal imaging sensors.  Ann volunteers at Saturn Road preparing Bible class materials for the two-year olds.

Prior to becoming a shepherd, Charles served as a deacon and co-chairman of the Missions Committee.  He has also served as a deacon at other congregations, working in local evangelism, education and music.  His passion for Saturn Road is that every member can feel the warmth, mercy and love of Christ through the many devout and faithful members here, and that all will feel the compulsion to share that blessing with the world.