Danny Looney

Danny and Vicki Looney have been married thirty-seven years and have two sons, Ryan and Jonathan.  Ryan is married to Jessica, and they gave them their first granddaughter on January 3, 2010.  Jonathan is engaged to be married to Lauren Boukniack in July, 2010.  Their family has worshiped at Saturn Road since 1992.

Danny says, “The Church of Christ has long been known as people who know the Bible.  But my dream for Saturn Road is that our church family be known as a group of people who know Jesus.  Our spiritual confidence must be in our faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  May we be brave enough to exercise the freedoms Christ has given us to adapt as needed and reach out to those around us as Jesus did when he walked this earth.  Help us not limit others to only those things which are comfortable to us.  Help us to humble ourselves, admit our wrongs, and ask each other for forgiveness when needed.  Help us to be quick to forgive others as Christ has forgiven us.  May our thoughts, words, and actions be a life that leaves a trail of love for others to follow all the way to heaven.”