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Saturn Road Church of Christ

Contribution Policy

All contributions to the Saturn Road Church of Christ (the “Church”) are appreciated. As Elders, we commit to exercising our best judgment and stewardship in the use of these funds.

The Church, in the exercise of its religious, educational, and charitable purposes has established a General Operating Fund for the normal expenses associated with the Church operations, a Harvest Fund to assist local and overseas missions in addition to the mission expenses included in the General Operating Fund, a Benevolence Fund to assist persons in financial need and a Building Fund for use in planning and constructing additional facilities. The Church welcomes contributions to any of these funds. Donors are free to suggest beneficiaries of the funds or of their contributions to the funds. However, such suggestions shall be deemed advisory rather than mandatory in nature. For contributions to qualify as tax deductible to the donor, Internal Revenue Service regulations require the following conditions be met. The administration of the funds, including all disbursements, is subject to the exclusive control and discretion of the Elders. The Elders may consider suggested beneficiaries, but in no event are they bound to honor the suggestions, as the suggestions are accepted only on the condition that they are nonbinding. As a result, donors will not be entitled to a return of their designated contributions on the grounds that the Church failed to honor their designations.

Non-restrictive gifts to the Church designated to the Harvest Fund, the Benevolence Fund, or the Building Fund will be reflected on the donor’s record of contribution at the year’s end if the gift complies with the special designation conditions described above. Gifts received with no designation will go to the General Operating Fund.

The Church will accept most types of non-cash gifts such as corporate stocks, land, furniture, clothes, books, equipment, or food in good useful condition. An acknowledgement will be provided by the Church to the donor showing the date of the gift and a brief description of the property or items donated. However, the acknowledgement will NOT provide an estimated fair market value of the property donated nor will the donor’s record of cash contribution reflect receipt of the non-cash gift other than by description only.

No monetary value will be ascribed to time or services contributed by individuals to the Church, nor will such contributions of time or services be posted to the record of contribution.

To be included in a given year’s record of contribution, the contribution must be received by the Church no later than close of business on December 31, or, if mailed, the envelope must reflect a postmark no later than December 31.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Church administrator or Chairman of the Elders.

Donor Bill of Rights

The Saturn Road Church of Christ Mission is:

We, the disciples of Jesus will – –

– worship God;

– submit to the authority of Jesus;

– model Jesus’ examples of love, humility, and service

We will – –

– witness Jesus to all people, baptizing the believers;

– teach Jesus’ truths;

– equip believers to grow in grace and mature in Jesus;

So that all of us may – –

– glorify God.

A part of this mission is to exercise biblical principles of stewardship over the financial resources made available thru the contributions, gifts and donations of the Church family. The Shepherds believe that all those making donations to the Church should have full confidence in the stewardship of those funds by the ministry leaders and do declare that Donors have the following rights:

1. To be informed of the way the Church intends to use donated funds.

2. To know the ministry leaders who will be using those funds and to expect them to exercise prudent judgment in their stewardship responsibilities.

3. To have access to the Church’s most recent audited financial statements.

4. To be assured their gifts will be used for designated purposes, unless due to a conflict of interest or unreasonable designation. The Saturn Road Elders retain the right to deny or re-designate any gifts as a result of conflict of interest or unreasonable designation.

5. To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of all contributions, gifts or donations.

6. To be assured that information about their contributions, gifts and donations is handled with respect and confidentiality.

7. To expect that all relationships with internal and external parties be handled in a professional manner.

8. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the Church or hired solicitors.

9. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.

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