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Ladies’ Retreat 2016 Brochure



Ladies’  Bible Class

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We meet each Wednesday morning at 9:30 for Bible study and fellowship.  Please join us.

Ladies’ Devo’s

Ladies’ Devotionals are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:01 PM.  The devos are held in the homes of various members. We have a 15-20 minute devotional talk presented by one of our members or an invited guest, followed by a period of discussion. We also spend time in prayer. The evening ends with a light snack provided by a volunteer. This is a wonderful setting for getting acquainted and building relationships with ladies whom you might not ever meet otherwise. It is also a warm, welcoming atmosphere for inviting friends, neighbors and new members. For more information, call Dorla Shutt at 972.278.8231 or contact her at

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Peace and Comfort Sewing Ministry

The Peace and Comfort Ministry is a sewing ministry under the umbrella of Lifeline Chaplaincy Ministries. We are also under the guidance and support of our shepherds. We sew specific items that Parkland and Presbyterian hospitals have requested and are in great need of such as pillows which the lay chaplains give to each new patient they visit in the hospitals. We also sew pillows for the Saturn Road Pastoral Care Minister to take on his visits to our sick members in the hospital. We also sew costumes for our VBS drama each year.

We meet together in our wonderfully organized sewing room on Wednesday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00 and on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 in lieu of a Bible class. We also meet again on Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00. Often some will stay past the specified hours because they love the work and because of the great amount of work we have committed to these hospitals.

As we work together it is a great time to get to know our sisters in Christ in a more intimate way, to have fun and fellowship and make needed items for those suffering in the hospitals. What a great way to do the Lord’s work and show our love and compassion for the sick and afflicted. Each item that is sent to the hospitals has a “Saturn Road Church of Christ” label affixed to it.

The following can be contacted for any information regarding this ministry:

Minisry Leaders: Laurel Blackburn – 972-771-1816

                                     Linda Anderson – 972-278-3875