Children's Ministry

Serving families with children from birth thru 5th grade

Our Children’s Minister search is underway.

We’re now looking for a talented, full-time, female Children’s Minister who would like to join our staff and families in growing faithful, passionate, Christ-centered young disciples.

If you, or someone you know, would like to apply or get more information, please send a resume or questions to Jason Wilhite, Search Committee chairman, at

*****All volunteers who work with children at Saturn Road have completed our

“Safe Place Training” course and have passed a background check. *****

Vision Statement:

Our Children’s Ministry is committed to empowering parents to be the primary spiritual guide for their children.  We promise to provide opportunities, resources, and support to assist Saturn Road families on every leg of their spiritual journey.

Our Mission:

  • To partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their child
    • Children’s Ministry offers counseling, benevolence and education for both parents and children.
    • There is nothing we aren’t willing to talk about with you or your child:
      • Death of a grandparent or dog
      • Am I old enough to be baptized?
      • Where can I use my spiritual gifts?
      • How do I talk to my kids about sex?
  • To plan classes and activities that allow kids to discover the eternal truths of God’s Word
    • Biblically based – The inspired word of God is the foundation of our classes.
    • Developmentally appropriate – Appropriate for the age, education and any special needs of each individual child.
    • Engaging to different learning styles – Auditory, visual, touch and participation learning is used in every class.
    • Attractive to children- Your kids will be begging you to take them to church because they see it as a fun time to see their Christian friends, and we don’t treat our kids like babies or prisoners.
  • To serve the entire family unit during milestone events, through the valleys and the peaks on your quest.
    • Children’s Ministers and Classroom Teachers love coming to your special events, birthdays, recitals and games.
    • The only way we know to come is if you let us know. We can’t come to everything we are invited to but we can’t go to anything we aren’t aware of.

Weekly Bible Classes:

  • Sunday Morning Bible Classes for all ages (Sundays 9:30am) – Featuring Biblically based lessons that get the kids involved physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Wednesday Night Bible Classes (Wednesday 7pm) – This Biblically based lesson is even more dynamic and engaging to capture the minds of kids who’ve already spent a whole day at school and don’t want another hour of lecture.
  • Bible Hour! (Sundays 6pm, during school year) – A fast paced kids worship experience featuring the songs they like, puppets, skits, games and activities that all tie into an important Biblical truth.

Special Events:

  • VBS – Our Vacation Bible School is like nothing you’ve seen before… unless you’ve seen a Broadway musical that was influenced by the Bible, the Disney channel and dancing penguins. A four night event featuring an acappella musical, Bible classes for all ages, special effects, praise, games and the most fun you’ll have all year!
  • Back to School & End of School Bashes! – Come celebrate the best and worst times of year with the Children’s Ministry!
  • LTC – Leadership Training for Christ is an annual opportunity for kids to practice and perform their spiritual gifts at the Hilton Anatole Hotel with dozens of other churches. Events include Drama, Puppets, Chorus, Bible Bowl and much more!
  • Camp Goddard – 3rd-6th Graders spend a week swimming, playing games, doing archery, praising God and having a blast while learning about God’s plan for their lives!
  • Terrific Tuesdays – Over the summer we have numerous Tuesday events targeting different age groups.
    • Teddy Bear Tea Party – Preschool girls learn about manners at a tea party with their teddy bears.
    • Sports Spectacular – Preschool boys learn how God made their bodies to run, jump and praise God.
    • 6 Flags! – 4th and 5th Graders get some “Big Kid” time to bond with each other and Trey and Stacey while having a blast at a theme park.
    • Elementary Skating Party – Get on a roll and join your Christian friends for skating, pizza and fellowship.

Please see our online calendar for a complete look at all the exciting events we have coming up. We always welcome visitors and anybody with a question can feel free to contact Trey.

Contact Info:

Trey Laminack
Children’s Minister
Office: 972-271-2444
Cell: 972-693-6021 (Call or Text)

For more information on Trey, click here to visit our Ministers & Staff Page.

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